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Ever talked to your dog and wished she would talk back?  Well, now there are some seniors who are talking to their dogs and getting an answer.  It’s all because of the hard work and dedication of an MIT Mechanical Engineer, now entrepreneur with a big idea.

GeriJoy is the brainchild of Victor Wang and it was born out of concern for his own grandmother.  Alone, homebound and isolated from family and friends in Taiwan, Wang’s grandmother started talking about suicide.  Wang started working.

Wang is no ordinary grandson.  At the age of six, Wang was programming role-playing games for MS-DOS.. He received a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of British Columbia, majoring in Mechatronics Engineering and minoring in Commerce, and was awarded the Wesbrook Scholar designation. After working in environmental research, aerospace manufacturing, particle physics, medical robotics, and being an officer in the military, Wang won the…

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